'Modern Cake Décor'
Enhance your cake making skills with our unique decor course
You will learn non-standard décor techniques, which will help you boost your skills and enter a new market segment for your cake business, leaving your competitors behind.
Prepare for something new
Course program
4 impressive cakes and more than 12 techniques
Lesson 1. Emerald with peony
• Rice paper sail creation.
• Wafer paper flower: work with stencils and veiner, creating petal shapes, natural looking petal coloring technique, assembling flowers without floral wire.
• Creating texture on cakes using cake stencils and cream.
• Different textures using ganache: splash, stains, antique effect.
• Décor using dried flowers: recommendations on choosing flowers and a guide on how to use them on a cake.
• Creating texture on a cake using cake stencils and cream.
• Different textures using ganache: splash, stains, effect of antique.

Lesson 2. Boho-chik style
Lesson 3. Flowers and concrete
• Wafer paper flowers: a quick and easy technique on creating fantasy flowers, guide on making petals look natural in color and shape without using any additional inventory.
• Work with fondant and gum paste: creating texture and different color effects, recommendations on how to cover a cake and cake dummies with fondant.
• Work with flower silicone molds.
• Learn an all-purpose technique creating textured marble in any color scheme.
Lesson 4. Cracked marble
• Work with fondant and gum paste: creating stone/tree bark texture with a Craquelure effect, creating a natural color transition.
• Creating unique textures using the cream: marble, stone, concrete. Learning how to use buttercream.
• Creating cracks and additional textures.
• Work with flower silicone molds.
In every lesson you will find recommendations on the
inventory, ingredients and color schemes which will help to achieve the best results.
Course tutor
Alina Makarova
Alina is a patisserie chef from Russia with more than 5 years of teaching experience. She learned from the top world patisserie chefs and is now ready to share her knowledge with her students.

In 2019 Alina opened a patisserie shop, 'Tartine', which in a half a year became a leader in the premium market segment in Sochi, Russia.

    Course structure

    Watch video-lessons at your convenience.
    You can practice decor techniques on real cakes or cake dummies
    Feedback and support
    You will receive feedback and support from the course tutor and mentors.
    Course 'Modern Cake Décor'
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    The video course is in russian will english subtitles

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    Permanent access to course materials

    The course doesn't have any deadlines – you can learn at your own pace.
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    In what language is the course?
    The video course is in russian with english subtitles. All course files are in english.
    We have english speaking mentors who will be able to answer all questions and provide more information if needed.
    When is the beginning of the course?
    You will have immediate access to the course after your payment is received.
    How long does the course last?
    This course doesn't have a time frame, you can learn at your own pace.
    How long will I have access to the course?
    You have permanent access to the course and be able to re-watch lessons as many times as you need.
    Refund Policy
    No, unfortunately it is not. We provide detailed program of the course to make sure our students are fully aware of the information they will receive.